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Mostly bonzer inspired creations, made in Cornwall. Designed, shaped, glassed, sanded, finned and finished by Tim Stafford.

I make boards that are easy to ride, that feel natural under foot. Most aren't conventional but they will help you reach that point where you stop thinking about what's under your feet and start to focus on where you want to go and how you want to get there. Why bonzers?

Always happy to chat about your needs and what would work for you but please initiate contact by email or Facebook... details on www.timstaffordsurfboards.com | Ride and glide.

Friday 29 January 2010

Thursday 28 January 2010

Making fins

No wonder everyone else does them on milling machines!

Handmade EVO6 set: American ash bonzer side fins and EVO6 birch 12 ply with 4 x 6 oz azure insides and 2 x 6 oz white outsides. Cut out and templated ready for foiling.


More stain…

Foam stained the deck last night to get it ready for glassing today. Templated the fins too, foil them tomorrow. So hopefully have this FreakFish in the  water in a couple of weeks…


Monday 25 January 2010

Freaky gets some foamstain

P1040229 P1040230 P1040236

Latest FreakFish 6’4” x 21 1/4” x 2 3/4” EVO 6

Resin foam stain. Full deck stain to follow…

Alley Fish Fry

Some great boards heading over to the Alley Fish Fry in March – Currumbin, Australia. Grant Newby sent me an email and has posted some pics of the FreakFish on his blog – check out his blog on www.thealleyfishfry.blogspot.com. He is also doing some really interesting fin shapes and some wooden boards too.

Anyways, here’s a pic of Currumbin and what we are all missing in Oz this March.


Sunday 24 January 2010

North Sumatra 2002


Tim – Indo 2002 pre bonzers on a 6’10” Jim Banks Pintail… still got this board though i haven’t ridden it in years. Photo with kind permission of the famous Bernie Baker.

Wednesday 20 January 2010

More azure…

P1080396More Azure blue rail – resin tint by Jason this time whilst i was in Baja :) – going to get a little artwork before the gloss and polish.

This board will be heading straight to Morocco with Jack almost as soon as it is finished… wish i could hand deliver it!

Friday 15 January 2010

Bonzer Quad goes east – FreakFish EVO4

Some feedback from North Cornwall surfer Dougal on the FreakFish he took to Indo… thanks Dougz, send us some pics when you get some:)

hey bud,
Yeah freaky has been great heaps of float, was surfing it at a spot called Passe or mushroom point the other day for a couple of days and she flew.
It was so shallow i nicked the fin a couple of times on the bottom turn but nothing major, she got me in and out of some great barrels,
only 2ft but beautiful hollow barrels!! Great fun.
She's kinda like a twinie with a bit more drive and the channels are interesting never surfed with those before.
Glad you had a great trip in mex and thanks a million for the board. She's just the other kinda feel i was searching for.
Sampai jumpa!

Bonzer quad

Baja loves Freaky – 6’4” Freakfish EVO6

Well the proof is always in the eating… and the FreakFish EVO 6 tasted damn fine! It was probably the loosest yet most stable, drivey board i have ridden. Suffice to say my friend Steve, the recipient, was stoked and i have just started another one for myself,  as Dougal decided he wanted to try the EVO4 for his winter in Indo. Hope it meets expectations Doug.

Sadly the only shot of it being ridden is just me doing a bottom turn on a small day and P-Point. That afternoon the swell picked up, and a really enjoyable overhead swell started pushing in turning out to be the best testing ground of the trip.


Anyways  a lot of the Todos Santos crew down there loved the look of the board and are going to put it through it’s paces over the next 2 months so we hope to get some more feedback on the blog for you soon.