Tim Stafford Surfboards

Mostly bonzer inspired creations, made in Cornwall. Designed, shaped, glassed, sanded, finned and finished by Tim Stafford.

I make boards that are easy to ride, that feel natural under foot. Most aren't conventional but they will help you reach that point where you stop thinking about what's under your feet and start to focus on where you want to go and how you want to get there. Why bonzers?

Always happy to chat about your needs and what would work for you but please initiate contact by email or Facebook... details on www.timstaffordsurfboards.com | Ride and glide.

Monday 27 August 2012

6’6” Outer Limits Spiral-V Legacy Pintail

Announcing the first of 25 Outer Limits Spiral V Single fins.

There will be only 25 limited edition boards (including this one), designed with Martin to each customers dimensions, shaped by me, signed and numbered. All boards will be £650 including tint, spray, resin pinline, gloss and polish. All will use the genuine Outer Limits decals left over from Martin's original print run in the 70s.

Outer limits 16082012 060 Outer limits 16082012 017 Outer limits 16082012 015 Outer limits 16082012 019  Outer limits 16082012 002 - Copy Outer limits 16082012 053 Outer limits 16082012 059

Tuesday 21 August 2012

bonzer Blues

The random act that is resin tinting beautifully displayed by Jason Grey in this blue “Lava-tint” bonzer EVO6 for Charlie R

P1070722 P1070723 P1070727 P1070726 P1070732 P1070735 P1070739 P1070741

Saturday 18 August 2012

Making 17

This is one of those jobs I wished I had set up the video camera for… i had to paint 17 squares of different coloured resin into a pre-drawn silver grid using a set of rules created by artist Peter J Evans for his board.

I used 4 pots of tinted resin (no wax so I can gloss straight over), a fine brush,  and it took 3 mixes as they just kept going off quicker than i could paint them in. The brief was to keep it loose, like the original piece called “Making 40” where the colours were loosely sketched over a graph paper grid.

I love the result and hopefully Pete will too. Gonna be hard to wax this one!P1070718

Tuesday 14 August 2012