Tim Stafford Surfboards

Mostly bonzer inspired creations, made in Cornwall. Designed, shaped, glassed, sanded, finned and finished by Tim Stafford.

I make boards that are easy to ride, that feel natural under foot. Most aren't conventional but they will help you reach that point where you stop thinking about what's under your feet and start to focus on where you want to go and how you want to get there. Why bonzers?

Always happy to chat about your needs and what would work for you but please initiate contact by email or Facebook... details on www.timstaffordsurfboards.com | Ride and glide.

Tuesday 30 August 2011

Resin bands…

Nearly finished the resin bands… then just pinlines, gloss and polish to finish this one off finally. Been a little slow as had to prioritise the fish for September 17th Fry… more pics of those soon.


Tuesday 23 August 2011


TS Foils - FISH

Designed for the new Sprat-fish… The narrow base allows the fins to twist and act like a rudder, dramatically increasing the initialisation of the turn, and helping the water stay attached for tighter arcs without losing drive.

There will be a limited edition run of 12 sets in smoke glass, Lokbox fit. Two sets already spoken for. I’ll have them at the Fish Fry for anyone who wants a set, or drop me an email to order in advance to make sure you don’t miss out.

Sunday 21 August 2011

Glassing blues…

and bronzes and reds



The new 5’8 Sprat, the new 6’0 Porpoise, and the new 6’4 Atlantic POD… all nearing completion with subtle evolutions in the concaves rockers and foils.

Friday 19 August 2011

Carbon Lumps from Ryan Lovelace

Great bonzer from Ryan Lovelace who has kindly let me reproduce is post here for Just Bonzers.

“A little experiment with the v.bowls template/concept, morphed into a shortboard foil and bonzer 5 fin setup. The deck borrowed knowledge from the Stage III experiment last year; creating a stiffer nose and tail and weakening the middle to create torsion and twist, as opposed to lengthwise bending: I glassed 3" carbon strips along the curves of the deck to give the shape/pattern some direction and control, also a bit of snap”

This board reminded me a lot of my Riddler in shape and the concept of blending hulls and bonzers in a nuggety sort of outline. Loving those carbon strips.

vb04 vb03 vb02 vb-01

Thursday 18 August 2011

Saturday 13 August 2011

Tinting some…

Went in to the factory today to glass 4 boards… I only got 4 bottoms done in the end and a resin band… colours came out well. Carbon kevlar was interesting stuff… no easy way to trim it after it gels as nothing can cut it – should be really log-lasting then!

P1050926 P1050924P1050925

Friday 12 August 2011

Busy day…

Finally got started on the resin band on the Joker. Pulled the tape at the perfect time Smile. Daz glossing a Campbell Bros Bonzer 5. My porpoise taped up ready for tomorrows glassing marathon… 2011-08-12_15-40-05_234 2011-08-12_16-38-34_3042011-08-12_15-40-41_155 2011-08-12_17-17-02_718

Thursday 11 August 2011

EPS parabolic wood rail bonzer core

I’m not sure if i love or hate shaping EPS. It tears, spalls, then goes all fluffy and it sticks to everything… but i do seem to get on with it! This one is going high-tech… EPS core that will take a carbon-kevlar epoxy bottom, wood deck and wood rails sealed in a 4oz epoxy wrap. Strong light and very high performance. It’s quite complicated doing a core as you have make allowances in all the measurements for the wood etc… and the rails have to be glassed 100% square to get a good bond with the parabolics...  

This one will be 5’11 x 2 1/2 x 20 3/4 when finished. Any takers drop me a line.

2011-08-11_13-42-42_869 2011-08-11_13-48-34_616 2011-08-11_14-35-09_44 2011-08-11_14-34-42_629

Tuesday 9 August 2011

G Wagens

Getting a bit carried away with my cars at the moment… somehow ended up with 2 1980s G-Wagens… unbelievable off road and great to get the dogs to and from the beach…


Thursday 4 August 2011

new Porpoise

Just finished the new Porpoise. For some reason I’m loving shaping more than ever right now, everything seems to be really flowing; I can’t put my finger on it but everything just seems right…

6’0” x 22” x 2 5/8”. This board came out beautifully with the Bernoulli bottom, this time a single concave into a double… and especially the tail that i wanted to be more mammalian, and that’s exactly how it came out with its subtle blended curves and deep incut…

This board is going to get pretty intense from here on in with an organic blue tint, tubercle fins and I am hoping to find the time to do gloss coat speed channels originally created by Peter St Pierre’s father.

2011-08-04_15-42-59_994 2011-08-04_15-43-16_824 2011-08-04_15-45-18_261

Wednesday 3 August 2011

take SPRAT 2

Was time to finally finish this one off, next a new resin tint with some unusual pigment i found.

I’m really loving this board… its a little bit fish, a little bit bar of soap, a little bit bonzer, a little bit hydrodynamic. I’m having a foil of my own made up for this board and they will be available to buy at the Fish Fry at Crackies in September or by mail. I’ll post the template another day.

2011-08-03_13-25-31_950 2011-08-03_14-13-45_789 2011-08-03_14-14-02_390 2011-08-03_14-15-43_601